HCW120 Wireless Cube


HCW120 can be setup through Wi-fi connectivity. In 3 steps you get your store protected. Extra protection with PIR alerts - when a ‘human being’ is detected by PIR, you get the alerts. Great for nighttime notification.

Life-time 5GB Cloud Video Storage Plan is included with the camera. 
This plan is best when you are monitoring a place that does not have a lot of movement. When video exceeds 5GB, the old data will be deleted. "Keep 7/15/30 days plan" can be subscribed if 5GB is not enough. Keep 7/15/30 days plan  keeps the latest 7/15/30-day video footage in the cloud storage. This plan is best when there are much activities in the scene. 


Technical Specifications:

  • 1/2.5" progressive scan CMOS
  • Up to 30fps at 720P
  • Passive infrared sensor to activate LED upon motion in low light
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 2-way audio
  • Wide Dynamic Range for anti-glare
  • Dual streams in H.264
  • Motion detection recording
  • 8GB microSD card included
  • Youtube live broadcasting supported


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