1. Choose a Camera

Indoor Wifi Cube Camera
Perfect for small business or residential application. WPS-enabled feature allows you to quickly connect with router. It can be both wall or ceiling mounted.
Super Low Lux Mini Dome
Perfect for any environment with slightly dim environment. Great for ceiling mount. 

360 degree Fisheye Camera
Perfect for business or home owners who are looking for a camera to replace multiple cameras with 360 degree coverage.
Rugged Outdoor Bullet Camera with IR
Great for any outdoor harsh environment. Camera is vandal resistant and water proof.



2. Choose a Plan 

5G plan provides 5GB of cloud storage to save your video footage in the cloud storage. This plan is best when you are monitoring a place that does not expect a lot of movements (for example after-hour storage room). 5G plan is a cost-effective option if you only need to keep record of incidents as it happens.
myGVcloud offers life-time 5GB video storage on the cloud.

K7 plan keeps the latest 7-day video footage in the cloud storage. This plan is best when there are frequent movements going on (meaning, a lot of video footages). The latest 7-day record will be kept.



3. Easy 3 Steps Setup



4. Watch Video Anytime, Anywhere

live streaming
Connect your camera through Internet and watch your video through iPhone/Android/TV/Youtube/Mac/PC easily!